Vuoden 2022 uutiset/News of 2022

18.3.2022 S-litter was born!!

19-20.2.2022 Tallin international Winter cup and national show.

What a super trip! We have two new Estonian junior champions Gina and Pontzo and Olya received a CACIB and was BOB!


Argentonero S-litter will be born in March week 11 and T-litter in April week 14. See more under Puppies!!

Vuoden 2021 uutiset/News of 2021


Helsinki winner (Nord) and Finnish winner (Int) shows, judges Anders Tunold-Hanssen NO and Morgan Granander. Our wonderful Fantsu, CIB Fanfara Di Monte Gentile was BB1 and and BOS on both days and gained two new titles in these big shows (39 entrees). She was groomed and handled by Ghita!


Miniature schnauzer speciality, Vaasa. Judge Marina Markio. Our 6 month old puppy Argentonero Regina Della Neve "Gina" BP/2 with a super critique. Argentonero Ode Alla Lapponia "Beso" exc, open class/2, and Fanfara Ch/1, BB4, Silverwinhunters Alsephina "Olya" was ch/2, (BB5). Amanda and Aleksandra Huhtala did a super handling job!


Rakvere all breed show. Libenzverg Akura Prestige " Hema" and her daughter "Gina" Argentonero Regina Della Neve did super! Gina was best puppy both days and Hema BOB and thus a new Estonian champion! Thank you for handling/grooming Ghita and Päivi and Jari are thanked for super company! What anice vacation at wonderful Vihula Manor country club and spa.


Jyväskylä group show. Judge Juta Haranen, Estonia. Olya BB1, BOB!


Tuomarinkartano group show. Judge breeedspecialist Marianne Holm Larnemaa. Argentonero Piu Elegante "Elli" exc, cq, BB2, res CAC!


Miniature Main Speciality, Vihti. Judge, breedspecialist Mervi Raisaari. Argentonero breedersgroup (A. Feliz Figaro, A. Ode Alla Vita, A. Ode All' Estate, A. Piu Elegante was BOB and BIS 3! A. Feliz Figaro was BOS veteran and Fanfara Di Monte gentile BOS (38 bs entrees). A. Nuovo Avventuriero was disqualified because of size. Super day, it was good to see friends after a long covid break!

BOS Fanfara Di Monte Gentile, BOB House Kazak Jeep

Argentonero breedersgruoup. Thank you Amanda, Aleksandra and Antti for handling!!


Wonderful news from Tartu national dog show, Estonia. Silver Winhunters Alsephina "Olya" now both EE and FI CH! 


Laukaa dogshow. Judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki. Wuhuu, we have a new FI CH. Argentonero Ode Alla Vita "Pipsa" exc1, cq, BB1, CAC, BOB!


Vet. check for the R-puppies: everything was fine for Regina, Re and Regalo Della Neve. (Lumikuningatar, Lumikuningas ja Lumilahja).


R-litter was born 3.4! Easy delievery at day time and all the three puppies are vital and growing fast!. We have one princess (Argentonero Regina Della Neve= Lumikuningatar) and two princes (Regalo Della Neve= Lumilahja and Re Della Neve= Lumikuningas)! All are reserved. 

Both Hema and Hugo have been eye-tested and genetested (miniature schanuzer panel) normal! Hema has also been bileacid tested normal. Both are fun and active schnauzers with super harsh coats! 

Vuoden 2020 uutiset/News of 2020


Hyvinkää group show. Judge Marja Talvitie. She did it again--our little Elli Argentonero Piu Elegante was BOB puppy!


Lahti group show. Judge Maarit Hassinen. Elli Argentonero Piu Elegante at her first show BOB puppy. She performed so well with co-owner Antti. Argentonero Ode Alla Vita "Pipsa"was BB3 with res-cac. 


Porvoo dog show, judge  Marja-Leena Kurvinen. Argentonero Ode Alla Vita "Pipsa" BB2, CAC! Afterwards celebrating at Haikko with groomer/handler Ghita and owner Tuula.


Helsinki Royal Canin IDS show. Judge Vesa Lehtonen. This time it was Hema's turn to become a Finnish show champion!! She was handled by both Ghita and Eija and she was BB2 with CAC!



A nice trip to Hirvensalmi summer cottage with Erika and Tellu! Next day a dogshow in Ristiina/Mikkeli. Judge Maija Mäkinen made our Tellu Argentonero Ode All'estate BB2 with CAC and thus we have a new Finnish show champion!! Afterwards celebrating in Terti with Ilpo and Tepa!


After a long Corona-break--a dogshow!! Rainy Riihimäki gave us what we needed and our Hema Liebenzverg Akura Prestige was  BB2 with CAC! Judge was Kaisa Metteri-Gold. 


Gloria's puppy was born. The delievery went well and the mother and puppy are doing well.This little princess is no longer available for sale.


Gloria's pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound! See more about the q-litter under pennut/puppies


Argentonero P-litter was born!!See more under pennut/puppies

Vuoden 2019 uutiset/News of 2019


A mini christmas vacation in Vilna!Good company and great food with Erika! The shows under the theme "silver" this time for both Fanfara (CH, 2 res CACIB) and Tellu (interm 2). Super thanks for Diana and and Anna for handling our girls!


Helsinki and Finnish Winner shows. Breed specialist Anneli Alfthan appreciated Tellu with EXC, c2 BB2 and Olya exc, cq, BB4! Fanfara was shown only on saturday: Judge  Ivan Vasiljevic Serbia  appreciated Fanfara with resNordCAC, BB2. She was handled and groomed by Ghita.Our junior Silverwinhunters Alsephina "Olua" was judged by breedspecialist Päivi Takkinen Exc, Jun 3/7. She was handled by Amanda!


Fanfara's trip to Norway was a great succes. Thank you Eija and katja! She was BOB in on saturday under Judge Markku Kipinä and thus a new Norwegian champion and Norwegian winner! On sunday she was BOS under judge Andre Van De Broek.


26.10 Baltic Winner

Judge Niksa Lemo. Fanfara exc, cq, ch/1, BB2. the title was so close... Olya exc/2. What a fun trip we had once again! 

15.9. Porvoo NDS

Judge breedspecialist Gunnel Adlercreutz. Argentonero Ode Alla Lapponia "Beso VG1 (he refused to walk in the heavy rain) and A. Ode alla Vita "Pipsa" exc, cq, FinnSiegerpoint, BB1, CAC BOS!

14.9 IDS Tallin

Judge Juta Haranen, Estonia. Silverwinhunters Alsephina "Olya" BOB junior, JCAC, BOB! Katja and Johanna took her I just followed on the sofa!

8.9 Helsinki Nord

 Judge Angel Maestro lafuente, spain. Libenzverg Akura Prestige "hema" exc, cq, CAC, NORD CAC, BOB and even shortlisted in the group! 

11.8 Kotka Int

Judge Hannele Jokisilta. Windy but a wonderful day with CIB multiwinner Fanfara Di Monte Gentile, who was BOS with CACIB. She was beautiful handled by Eija and groomed by Ghita.

28.7 Pori Int

A very special and hot day in Pori. Judge Sergio Pizzorno, Uruguay. Our puppy Olya Silverwinhunters Alsephina was BOB puppy handled by co-owner Katja. Argentonero Ode All'Estate "Tellu was BOS with CAC! She was handled superbly with very short notice by Petra. Fanfara was handled by Eija and she got  CACIB and was BB2, thus finishing results for CIB. So happy!

The whole weekend was extra special because of Italian friends Alessandra and Roberto. Thank you Katja for inviting us to your wonderful cabin and taking us sightseeing around beautiful Noormarkku and Pori! Very special moments with friends!

27.7 Eukanuba summer show in Vermo

Our Italian/Finnish show weekend started in Vermo. A hot succesful day! Argentonero Ode All'estate "Tellu" was BOS with CAC. She was handled by Ilpo. We also celebrated Gunnel's birthday!

13.-14.7.2019 Oulu Int and nord shows

13.7 nordic show judge Oksana Vertinska, Latvia. ode alla lapponia "beso" Exc/2, fanfara BOB, nordic CAC. Fantsu and Eija were even shortlisted in the group!

14.7 judge Ville Meronen. 30 b/s enteers, wow! Beso got his first CAC!!! He was handled by Heidi. Fanfara was BB3.

Finnish Miniature Schnauzer Club's main speciality show 9.6

Judge Kent Olsen, Norway. 47 bs entrees, wow! Siver WinHunter Alsephina "Olya" BOB puppy and finally BIS puppy!! Multi CH Argentonero Kind of Amazing progeny group BIS2! Argentonero juniors Beso, Pipsa and Tellu all got excelents and behaved so well despite their young age and lack of experience. Amanda, Aleksandra and Katja and the puppy owners did a super job handling.

Argentonero champions were not appreciated very highly, only VG today. Fanfara won a big champion class thus received the last point needed for FinnSieger. She finished BB4.

30.5.2019 Kangasniemi all breeds show. Judge Adam Ostrowsky. We had a nice and very good (VG today for all our dogs) trip with Ilpo, Argentonero Lady Midsummer "Martta" and A. Nuevo Avventuriero "Nero" 

Tallin Winner Show 13.4

 Judge Derrik Seow Malaysia (18 entrees) Fanfara BOS, CAC, CACIB and a new EE CH and also FI CH! Nice trip again with Eija and her mom and Katja and Petra!

Lahti Int 30.3

Judge Luis Gorjao-Henriques, Portugal: Sisu exc, Tellu exc, cq, jun 1/6, Hema exc, cq jun2/6 and Fanfara exc, cq, BB2, resCAC, resCACIB. Thanks to super handlers Anna, Aleksandra, Ghita and Eija!

Turku INT 24.3.2019

While we were in Latvia young Argentonero Ode All' Estate "Tellu" and A. Lord Midnight Sun "Sisu" were in Turku with Ghita and Anu. Sisu was BM2 with res CACIB. He was handled by Amanda and Tellu to BB" by Ghita! 


22.-23.2019 Int show Riga, Latvia

On saturday judge Judge S. Kokonena LV, (20 entrees) appreciated Fanfara to BOB and thus she became a Latvian show champion! Hema was second in a big junior class. Fanfara was handled by Eija and Hema by co-owner Katja.

In the evening a nice celebration at Fazenda restaurant Katja and Eija! 

Sunday Fanfara rested, but Hema was in the ring and breed specialist judge Benny Blid von Schedvin appreciated her to best junior awith JCAC and even BB2!

12-13.1.2019 Tarto all breeds show.

What a nice way to start the show year! Our young girl Libenzverg Akura Prestige "Hema" got her firts JCAC and Argentonero Milady Christmas "Elvi" became an Estonian show champion and thus also a FI CH!!

On saturday judge Hans-Erhard Gruttner, Germany appreciated Hema with exc, cq, JUN CAC, BOB junior and BB3. She was beautifully handled by Petra. Elvi was BB4.

On sunday judge Guenther Ehrenreich, Austria appreciated Elvi with a CAC, BB1, BOS! She was handled by Eija! What a super fun and succesful trip we had once again!





Vuoden 2018 uutiset/News of 2018

Merry Christmas to all friends and puppy owners!!

15-16.12-2019 Helsinki Nord and INT shows

What a wonderful way to end the show year! On saturday Nord show judge Birgit Bischoff Fanfara BB3, res CAC. She was beautfully handled by Eija. Grooming Ghita! On sunday Fantsu was handled beautifully by Amanda and wohoo under judge Mervi Raisaari she was BOB and a brand new Finnish winner-18. Thanks all friends for support and fun ! Especially "ÿökyläkaverit" Katja, Amanda ja Johanna!


10.-11.11. 2018 Jyväskylä NORD & Int Shows.

What fantastic and fun weekend! Thanks friends! As a special treat I also got to visit family Huttunen. Delicious as always!

Fanfara was BOB with NORD CAC under judge Svetlana Kokonena and to top it, she was  3rd BOG under breed specialist Irina Poletaeva!  Next day she was BB2, res CACIB.


28.10.2018 Seinäjoki Int Show. Judge Cindy Kerssemaijer, NL (21 entrees).

Liebenzverg Akura Prestige "Heta-Maya, Hema" at her very first show HP/2 with an excellent critique. Argentonero Midnight Sun "Sisu" BM4 and Fanfara Di Monte Gentile BB2 resCacib. Hema and Fantsu were handled by Anna and Sisu by Karita. Super job! Grooming Ghita and Nadja. What a fun trip we had with Anna and other friends.

6.-7.10. Tuulos groupshow

6.10 judge Päivi Takkinen:Argentonero Milady Christmas "Elvi" VG/2, A. Nueva bellazza "Tyyne" VG73

7.10 judge Heidi Klumm Estonia: Argentonero Milady Christmas "Elvi" ex71, cq, BB1, CAC, BOS!! Tyyne VG and A. Lord midsummer magic "Loru" EX71 cq BM4. Grooming and handling Ghita! This definately called for a celebration at the Vanaja castle!

9.9 All breeds show, Harju, Estonia

Wonderful news from Estonia. Argentonero Nuova Bellezza "Tyyne" BOS and now a brand new Estonian junior show champion! Judge Anne Klaas. Thanks to Tarja, Riikka and Salla (owners) and Irene and Eija for taking her there/handling!

28.8 Heinola allbreeds show

Wonderful news from rainy Heinola allbreeds dogshow! While I was recoperating from succesful Baltic Winner show brave super women Linda and Karita not affraid of rain took FI &EE CH, EE JCH Argentonero Lord Midnight Sun ”Sisu” to show. And judge Adam Ostrowski Poland appreciated him to BOB!!! Grooming Eija Nurmela, handling Karita Halinen.

25.8 The Baltic winner show, Tallinn

Wuhuu what a fun trip once again! Nice hotel with a wonderful view, delicoius food and both Fanfara and Katja's Alina did great. Two new baltic junior winners!. Fanfara was BOB junior, BOS(judge J. Kippling, the Netherlands) and finally BIS3 junior (judge Bo Skalin)!!

Week 31

All the wonderful O-puppies left to their super, loving new families!Good luck!

1.7.2018 Karjaa dogshow

Argentonero Lord Midsummer Magic ”Loru” (Dog Otho’s New Wave xArgentonero Juliette) exc, cq, BM2, Res CAC! judge Otto Krcal, Austria
Huge thanks Ghita for grooming and handling. 

16.6.2016 Salo dogshow

Salo allbreeds dogshow today, judge breed specialist Malgorzata Supranowicz Poland Argentonero dogs did great! EE JCH Argentonero Lord Midnight Sun ”Sisu”bm1, CAC, BOB!!!
A. Lady Midsummer ”Martta” exc/1 and FIJW-17, EE JCH A. Milady Christmas ”Elvi” exc/2. Thank you Nadja Leino for grooming Sisu and Martta and Ghita Ahlbom for grooming Elvi. Handling Karita Halinen (Sisu, Martta) and Anna Salminen(Elvi)!
Thanks! We had a nice hot day. Too hot to stay for the group rings. Super photos Michael, thanks!

9.6.2018 The Miniature schnaauzer club's main speciality show in Espoo.

(53 b/s entrees and alltogether 153 minis). Fantastic results!
EE & LV JCH EEJW-18 EEW-18 Fanfara Di Monte Gentile BOB junior, BOB and to top it all BIS 1 junior and finally BIS 2. Thank you honorable judges Dick Baars NL (breed) and Leijla Alic Bosnia-Herzegovina (BIS rings). Handling in breed by Eija Nurmela and in BIS rings by her groomer Ghita Ahlbom!
CIB MultiCh Argentonero Feliz Figaro “Sulo” BOS veteran BM4 presented by Ilpo! A. Nuova Felocita “Love” handled by her owner terhi Paaso VG, EE JCH JW-17 A. Milady Christmas VG handled by Petra Pitkänen and A. Lady Midsummer EXC/3 handled by Niina Rovio. I was happy and proud to present my breeder’s group even if not the most even one (4 combinations). Thank you puppy owners and friends who made this possible! We had a nice time by the ringside!

Sulo, Love,Elvi ja Martta

7.6.2018 Argentonero O (Oodi/Ode)-litter was born!!! 3 boys and two girls!

Alma and the puppies are doing great!

1-3.6.2018 Three shows group show, Estonian winner and speciality show) in Estonia

While we were vacationing in Italy my wonderful friends Katja, Petra and Eija took our italian golden girl to three Estonian shows. And what a wonderful and succesful trip they had. Fanfara was BOB junior and BOB on friday in the group show handled by Petra, judge Anne Sume Estonia. On saturday in the Estonain winner show she was BOB junior and BOS and gained two new titels Estonian junior winner and winner. Wow. Handling by Eija, judge Olga kojenikova, Belarus. in Estonian scnauzer clubs speciality show she was again BOB junior and BOB, judge Fernando Quilis Bonnet, Spain!!

Petra, Fantsu ja Eija

Owners and breeders excited and celebrating in Italy!

19.5.2018 Helsinki INT RC show

Some special guetsts from Italy-Fanfara's breeders Alessandra and Roberto. What a nice weekend we had! And succesful too. Both Fanfara and Cuore di Monte Gentile were BOB under breedspecialist Gunnel Adlercreutz! and Cuore was even group 3!

12.5.2018 Harjavalta group show

Argentonero Nuova Bellazza "Tyyne" exc, cq, res-CAC, BB2. Thanks Riikka and Tarja!

21-22-4-2018 Reto show Latvia

What a fantastic day in springy Latvia and Reto show! Fanfara Di Monte Gentile (13mo) JCAC, a new Latvian JCH, BOB and best in group and finally as an icing on the cake BIS 2! Wow! Thank you judges Mikhail Kremnev (Russia), Ljudmila Tchistiakova ( Russia) and Iuza Beradze ( Czech Republic)for appreciating our gem! Fanfara was superbly groomed and handled in race and BIS rings by Ghita and in group ring by me.

Alltogeher a fun and succesful weekend for both dogs!


25.3.2018 Lahti Int show

Judge John R Walsh, Ireland. 21 entrees. Fanfara Di Monte Gentile BB2, res CAC. Argentonero Lord Midsummer Magic VG. Both handled by Ghita.

17-18.3. 2018 Riika Int show

17.3 Judge Pocas Joao Vasco Portugal. Fanfara JunCAC, Alma EXC.
18.3 Judge Thovar del Solar Alfonso, Spain.
Fanfara Di Monte Gentile Jun CAC, BOB junior, BB1, BOS. 31 entrees and she is only 11.5 months old! Multi CH Argentonero Kind of Amazing Exc, cq, BB3, res CACIB (so close). Thank you for super handling Mikko Samuli and Diana Antracito! And thank you Katja for fun company again. What a nice and delicoius minivacation we had! Restaurant Vincents was a very special experience!


3.-4.2.2018 Brno IDS show

Super news from Brno, Czech Republic. Argentonero Lord Midnight Sun "Sisu" on saturday BM1, CAC, CACIB BOS (judge Jolanta Jablonska, Poland) and on sunday BM1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (judge Åke Cronander, Sweden.

27-28.1.2018. Narva national show.

What a super nice trip to excotic Narva! Thank you Katja once again for a super trip and special thanks for Marya Podolskaya and Jelena and Marika Bernhardt.

Fun and delicious night at Restaurant Pärl.

We got two new champions!!!

Amori Marti Gloria exc, cq, CAC, BB3--new Estonian Champion!

Gloria and Marika

Argentonero Milady Christmas "Elvi" jun1, JCAC, BB2-New Estonian junior champion!

20.1.18 Miniature schnauzer speciality show. Judge Anneli Alfthan.

Argentonero Nueva Bellazza "Tyyne" exc jun4 in her very first show at the age of nine months exactly!

Fanfara Di Monte Gentile exc, cq, jun2, res CAC,  BB2!

14.1 Lahti Group show. Judge Johan Juslin.

Argentnero Nueva Velocita  "Love" BOB puppy with a super critique.

Vuoden 2017 uutiset/News of 2017

Ihanaa Joulua! Merry christmas!

10.12.2017 Finnish Winner show

What a wonderful and succesful day! Finnish Winner show 10.12 our young (11mo) Argentonero Milady Christmas ”Elvi” (CIB Argentonero I’m Jesper x FI @EST CH, HeJW-15, HeW-15 Argentonero Kind of Amazing) exc, cq, jun1, BB2, rec CAC—Finnish Junior Winner 2017! Judge Marino Pietro, Italy. Handling by Ilpo, grooming Ghita. Thanks!

Alma, Elvi's mother A. Kind of Amazing exc, with a very nice critique.Alma was handled by karita. thanks!

Same say at Puppy winner show our Italian Princess Fanfara Di Monte Gentile "Fanfara/Fantti" was BOB puppy--Finnish Winner puppy 2017 with a marvelous critique by jjudge Juha Putkonen!

25.-26.11.2017 Tampere dog show

25.11 Argentonero Nuovo Avventuriero "Nero" BOB puppy with a very nice critique from Judge lena Ruskovaara. Argentonero Lady Midsummer "Martta" VG/2.

26.11 Argentonero Lord Midnight Sun "Sisu" EXC. Wonderfully handled by Karita. Judge Hans Van Den Berg NL. Fanfara Di Monte Gentile Bp2.


Our dearest Doris (4.7.2003-6.11.2017) first Argentonero dog died. The saddest moment is when the one who gave you the best memories...becomes a MEMORY.


What a trip! Thank you for super company Katja! Argentonero Kind of Amaxing BB1 and BOS on both days. 2 x CACIB and a brand new Estonian Champion. Her daughter Elvi 2x JCAC, BOB junior and BOS junior and even BB4 on saturday! Super handling by Diana and Anna for our girls. Thank you judges Oleg Yanchev, Russia and Ann Ingram, Ireland for appreciating our girls!



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